In The Studio

Scudley Records has been fully decked out with some of the highest quality equipment on the market.  Here is a list of the various instruments and studio equipment that artists can take advantage of when they come to record.

ENGL Head 2



1x Neumann TLM102
1x Blue Microphones ‘Dragonfly’
1x Yamaha MZ 204
1x EV ND 275B
1x Rode NT2A
2x AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic
1x AKG Premium Drum 6-Mic Set
2x Audix D6 (Including one Limited Edition model)
2x Audix i5
2x Rode NT5 (with omni capsule upgrade)
1x Rode M1
1x Steller CM-6 Tube Condenser Mic
1x Sennheiser e906
3x Shure SM58
2x Shure SM57
1x 1960s harp mic


1x 1997 ‘Signature Series’ Fender Stratocaster SRV
1×1980 Studio Lord SL500 Electric Guitar
1x 1960 Russian-made hollow body with original ‘Toaster’ style pickups
1x 1986 Kramer Pacer Custom 2 Electric Guitar
1x Peavey Odyssey v59 (previously owned by Alice Cooper and Megadeth guitarist Al Pitrelli)
1x J&D 4 String Bass Guitar
1x Yamaha RBX325 5 String Bass Guitar with Active Pickups
1x Michael Kelly Legacy Deluxe F-Style Mandolin with pickup
1x Maton EBG 808C Custom Semi-Acoustic
1x ‘Gold Top’ ES295 (Rare, discontinued model)
1x Ludwig Classic Maple 6 piece drum kit in rare Gold Sparkle with Zildjian cymbals
1x Bulbul Tarrang (Indian Banjo)
1x Novation Midi controller


1x VOX AC15 ‘Hand-wired’ combo
1x Peavey Special 212 Guitar Amplifier
1x ENGL Powerball 100w All-Valve Head + 4×12 ENGL Standard Cab
1x Custom built ‘Black Dog’ 1×12 speaker cab with Alnico speaker
1x Fender Bassman 59′ LTD 4×10 combo
1x Bad Cat Black Cat 2004 ‘Sampson Era’ 30R 2×12 combo
1x 1960s Kay Audio 1×8 tube combo
1x Orange AD30HTC + 1×12 Orange Cab
1x Fender ‘Pawn Shop’ Excelsior’ 1×15 combo
1x Marshall JVM 410C
1x Laney VC30 2×12 ‘UK Made’ combo
1x 4×12 Laney custom speaker cabinet with V30, G12T75 and HH speakers
Strymon Flynt (Tremolo)
Morley Mark Tremonti Wah
1980’s DOD 650 Flanger
Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus
Empress Tape Delay
Electro Harmonix Micro POG (Octave)
Electro Harmonix B9 (Organ Simulator)
Electro Harmonix Key9 (Electric Piano Simulator)
Carl Martin Headroom (Spring Reverb)
Amp Tweaker Tight Drive Pro
1x Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2
1x ART PRO MPAII Dual mic preamp
6x Studio headphones
amp-collection  Kramer
  Black Dog            
Epiphone ES295 Gold top  Bulbul Tarrang  Ludwig Classic Maple    Russian guitar  Studio Lord SL500  Yamaha Bass