Scuttle Beats - LOGO

Original Beat Production

Skud Beatz is a new production project created at Scudley Records.  The purpose is to provide Hip Hop artists (and indeed other genre-specific vocal artists) with high quality original backing tracks.

Unlike many current backing tracks on the market, which tend to use pre-made rhythmic and melodic loops in generic sample libraries, Skud Beatz productions feature only ‘note-for-note’ creations that are fully original.  Every single note is manually produced to create the many rhythm patterns and chord structures that make up the tracks.  And all tracks created by Skud Beatz are 100% royalty-free.

Tama drums

Only high quality, professionally recorded real instruments and one-shot drum samples are used for Skud Beatz productions.  And as such, the beats created are very unique and fully manipulated to be a melting pot of genres and feel.  The signature sound of a Skud Beatz production is “Dark and Complex”, as all beats are featured with poly-rhythms between different percussive instruments, as well as the use of instruments from different parts of the world in the same piece of music.

$10 per track

(Each beat can also be customized to different tempos and keys on request)

New creations are added to the official Skud Beatz page every week, so keep it in your Favourites folder.