About Scudley Records

Scudley Records is a professional boutique studio which has been created to provide artists
with high-quality music production.  The aim is to provide an experience that is enjoyable,
no pressure and creative.  A place for artists to have access to professional quality
recording in a comfortable environment.

Scudley Records provides a haven for artists who want to be part of the entire process.
From recording, to mixing and editing – you are welcome to sit in and offer ideas or suggestions
to help direct how your song evolves.  This way you will not only end up satisfied with your
recordings, you’ll have a fun education on what goes on behind the mixing desk.

Owner/Operator Peter Renzullo has over 18 years of audio recording experience, and is a
full-time musician with over 15 years experience working in the industry.  When you step into
the studio you can be confident that your music will be given the utmost respect and attention
to detail it deserves, regardless of your genre or level of production.  And as a special service
which other recording studios don’t normally offer, Scudley Records will charge flat-rates on all
songsrecorded.  No per-hour or per-day charge.  You can take as long as you need to get the
result you are after, and rest assured that the price is capped from the start.

Scudley Records Console

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Phil Emmanuel  –  Pop Standen  –  Lucy Peach  –  Helen Shanahan
Morgan Bain  –  Sam Perry  –  Ryan Webb  –  Matt Cal  –  Lynda Smyth
Eileen Ellen  –  Bec Dawson  –  Natasha Shanks  –  Brendan Gaspari
Anto Smyth  –  Siobny Cooke  –  Leah Emily Grant  –  Jasmin  –  Esme
Amanda Merdzan  –  Megan Grant  –  Michael Anagno  –  Ji Deeg
Sarah Pelicano  –  Salv Di Criscito  –  Ashleigh Brown  –  Andrew P Bond
Pete Usher  –  Bakia Kangombe  –  Belle Harvey  –  Matty Bethune
Stevie-Leigh Lane  –  Tane Tarrant  –  James Atles  –  Aaron Gwynaire
Heath Marshall  –  Leah Miche  –  Danni Ammon  –  Terri Marie
James Matthews  –  Cody Osborne  –  Michael Romanelli  –  Kate Ferguson
Liam Naughton  –  Jake Mulleneux  –  Alisha Magnum  –  Maria JLP
Tammy Dobro  –  David Gillams  –  Bernardine Grigson  –  Glenn Herbert
Miche Suite  –  The Borrowed Few  –  Kettle Fingers  –  Aarons Crusade
The Renzullo Project  –  Minute 36  –  Once Almost Never  –  MTT
The Dirty Feels  –  Chuck Hombre  –  The Silent Deeds  –  Grins and Needles
Mind Canary  –  NGati  –  Silent Knight  –  Such a Wreck  –  The Green Quartet
Tell the Shaman  –  Kathy Carver  –  Norman Borland  –  Pitbull from Perth
Tanu Hudson  –  TT  –  The Bitter Grins  –  Travis Green  –  Passist
The Cappuccino Orchestra  –  Tuxedo Pig  –  Oracle Ruin  –  Blue Goatie
Nadia Colbourn  –  The Blue Finish  –  Pins and Ladles  –  Robbie James
Kris ZRok  –  Katie & Emilie Graham  –  The Wedding Crashers  –  Arget Stuff’d
Marmalade Mama  –  Mitchell Jones – Jessica Moyle – Dan Walker – Enemy Minds
Jeanie Proude – Dean Anderson – Yvonne Smith – The Florizels – Icarus Lives
Lee West – Killing the Riff – LD – Mario Enriquez – Paul Bousfield – The Gary Cutters
Wildwood – Jonathan Wearing – Jacob Diamond  –  Sam Wylde  –  The Piscos
The Tramprods – Mat Boylan – Hadyn Ward – BANYON – Danijel Lukatin
Sam Rabbone – The Big Jack – Kyle Bartlett – TJ O’Donovan – The Animal House
Them Jackdaws – Annick Phan – Rob Verboom – Crow Jones – Dawn Barrington
Bughunt – Good Morning Apollo