Close to Nowhere – Ep. 46

Well, this episode has been a long-time coming.  In fact, over a YEAR in the making, and at long last one of the best artist I’ve come across AND had the pleasure of producing has finally released her debut album “Something Simple”.  Her name, Terri Marie.

This all started in April 2010, only a few weeks before Terri left Australia.  I met her at a concert I was hosting, and was introduced to her by a friend of mine (In fact, the singer of The Renzullo Project!) who met her while living in a back-packers hostel.  I had Terri come around and record a song, and knew immediately that I was listening to something very special.

Terri was leaving the country in a matter of weeks, and I was just starting out my studio, so I felt an opportunity was there for the both of us.  We decided to get a bunch of songs recorded before she left, as well as record this interview and 4 live songs.  Once Terri left the country I continued production on the album and stayed in close contact with her every step of the way.  It was many, many months before final production was complete on the album, and over a year later until it was finally released, this week, on iTunes.  Something Simple features a truly amazing collection of songs from an artist with such an incredible energy and presence that I still find it hard to believe it is only her debut album.

If you’d like to see the 4 videos of her live recordings, which feature in this episode, then check them out right here:!/pages/Terri-Marie/157716210965832?sk=app_2405167945

You can get your hands on the album either from iTunes or right here:


1. Altercation in the Parkinglot (Live) – Terri Marie
2. Come again (Live) – Terri Marie
3. Not the dying kind (Live) – Terri Marie
4. Swing (Live) – Terri Marie
5. Swing – Terri Marie
6. Baby – Terri Marie
7. Come again – Terri Marie
8. Columbia’s Best – Terri Marie
9. Altercation in the Parkinglot – Terri Marie
10. Bittersweet – Terri Marie
11. I ride my bike – Terri Marie
12. Booze and Blues – Terri Marie
13. Not the Dying Kind – Terri Marie

Until next week…

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