Close to Nowhere – Ep. 42

Back to it!  This week I announce the release month of Terri Marie’s debut album “Something Simple”, due for release in August.  I had the privelage of producing this album and the sound Terri’s able to get is absolutely awesome, she’s a one-of-a-kind artist and I’m excited to get her music out there.  We’ll have a set date very soon so watch this space.

You also get a serve of “The wireless storytime extravaganza” and “My chicken plays music”.  If you’re new to the show, none of that will make sense so the best way to understand what I’m on about it to check out the podcast above and enjoy! (Or become psychologically damaged beyond repair – either makes for an interesting outcome.)

Here’s this week’s playlist:

1. Swing – Terri Marie
2. Bosley says you’re bluffing – Minute 36
3. Away with me – The Renzullo Project
4. Smoke and Mirrors – Youth Sounds
5. What I feel – Darius Lux
6. Millionaire – Simon Kelly
7. Janelle – Pins and Ladles
8. Ticket to Ride – Pete Usher & The Global Pandemic
9. Zuckerberg Y.C. – The Renzullo Project
10. Up to fate – Heath Marshall
11. Your mirror is lying – Minute 36

Until next week guys!

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