Close to Nowhere – Ep. 30

Back for another big week, featuring a whole bunch of new music and also a VERY big announcement:  ‘THAT TIME OF THE MONTH’ hosted by yours truly debut’s next wednesday night!  This show is going to be something special because unlike other shows here on Recharged Radio, ‘That time of the Month’ will be an interactive show which gives you full control over what the No. 1 song of the month will be on Recharged Radio!

The concept is easy enough – all the presenters at Recharged Radio, from all over the world, have put forward their favourite song of the month.  I then take all those hand-picked songs and play them for you on ‘That time of the Month’.  Then YOU choose which of the songs was your favourite and simply go to and click on your chosen song in the Voting Poll which appears on the Recharged homepage – too easy! So keep an eye out for that one next week, I’ll have a link to it right here so you can get straight to it and see what the best of the best has to offer each month!

Now, to the music…

This week I feature a new act called “Youth Sounds”.  These guys got something pretty amazing going on.  The song I feature on this episode sounds like it belongs in a movie score, drawing in the audience and tugging at their emotions relentlessly while easing them into a sense of security – it sounds strange but that’s exactly what I felt when I heard it for the first time.  You don’t come across many acts that are so in-tune with each other and so unified in their focus for where they want a song to go.  It feels like the music is just flowing out of them, effortlessly and without constraint.  A very unique act with fantastic vocals, a real find.  You can get more details on Youth Sounds and also get their new EP “The bit parts” right here:

Now, for this week’s playlist:

1. Damn Shame – The Scuttle Bugs
2. My mind’s on repeat – The coal miner’s sect
3. A golden glove humility – Minute 36
4. Bittersweet – Terri Marie
5. Smoke and Mirrors – Youth Sounds
6. La la la – Lynda Smyth
7. Without you – Brendan Gaspari
8. Little Boy – Helen Shanahan
9. Piano face – Minute 36
10. Life on a string – Heath Marshall
11. Altercation in the parkinglot – Terri Marie
12. Millionaire – Simon Kelly

Til next week chums!

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