Close to Nowhere – Ep. 26

A new year is upon us!  And with it comes a brand new batch of fantastic music from Perth, Western Australia.  Of course recently you may have noticed some international artists have made their way into the Close to Nowhere family, and I must say it’s such a thrill to welcome them into the fold.

It all started with Will Echo from the U.K.  I then travelled over to Canada and gave Bing Willoughby a spot in the Close to Nowhere limelight.  Now, I’d like to welcome a brand new international artist to the show.  All the way from California, please make welcome – Darius Lux.

Darius truly has a an eclectic sound to his music, and his voice is such that he can take you from tragedy to triumph in a single phrase.  Many artists strive to achieve an honest, sympathetic, ‘from the heart’ tone to their sound – when you listen to Darius you soon realize that he doesn’t have to strive very hard, if at all, to draw you in and take you to where he’s going.  This is a rare gift, and one that Darius has learnt to embrace and deliver in such a beautiful way.  I don’t like to ‘over-sell’ the artists who appear on my show, but I assure you that once you hear Darius Lux, you’ll know I haven’t even come close to expressing what he has to offer.  In a word – brilliant.

You can get his latest release “Time is Now” right here:

Along with tour info, bio and other releases.

Here’s today’s playlist:

1. Golden glove humility – Minute 36
2. Altercation in the parkinglot – Terri Marie
3. Mystery woman – Heath Marshall
4. My mind’s on repeat – The coalminer’s sect
5. What I feel – Darius Lux
6. Janelle – Pins and Ladles
7. Little Boy – Helen Shanahan
8. Millionaire – Simon Kelly
9. Time is now – Darius Lux
10. Hurricane – Inner Second
11. Ashburton terrace – Danni Ammon

Alright kids, that’s it for this week!  Thanks for taking the time to come visit, and I hope you enjoyed the fantastic music I’m so fortunate to be able to bring you each and every week.  Don’t forget if you’d like to have this show sent straight to you each and every week just click on this link:

See ya next week!


  1. Hey guys, realy enjoyed the podcast. I am a Darius Lux fan and am glad to see our Australian brothers and sisters enjoying the good vibes. I also really like Terri Marie and Pins and Ladies – thanks for turning me on to this new music, keep up the great work!

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