About Scudley

Scudley Records is a professional home studio which has been created to provide emerging artists with high quality music production and promotion.  The goal was to have an enjoyable, relaxed place for grassroots artists to have access to professional quality recording in a comfortable environment.

Having worked in professional studios in the past the one thing which was most troubling, apart from the incredibly high price of recording, was the lack of control artists had over their own music.  The tired old “we know best” attitude that too many sound engineers sell to artists is not a pleasant experience, and distracts from the creative process.  At Scudley Records the creative process is paramount when you step into the studio.

Scudley Records Booth

Scudley Records provides a haven for artists who want to be part of the entire process, from recording to mixing and editing, where you are in control over how your song will  turn out.  This way you will not only end up satisfied with your recordings, you’ll have a total creative experience.

Owner/Operator Peter Renzullo has over 15 years of audio recording experience, and is a full-time musician of 16 years experience in the industry.  When you step into the studio you can be confident that your music will be given the utmost attention to detail and respect, regardless of your genre or level of production.  And as a special service which other recording studios don’t normally offer, Scudley Records will include full promotion of your music on an exclusive radio show produced right here in Perth called “Close to Nowhere” which airs through XSite Radio in Los Angeles, with episodes going out to podcast for international listeners.

Scudley Records Console

So check out the services provided by Scudley Records in the “Services” tab at the top of this page.